Alternate Description

Sometimes creative inspiration comes a little too late.  This back cover blurb for The Sisters of Inishford was something that hit me like a lightning bolt a few months after my book was published.  I actually prefer this one, however, as it conveys a better sense of individual struggle along with tension from outside forces.   It also only says the sisters could be the key to rescuing their brother, where the original description clearly says that they will.  

"After invaders kidnap their brother, and the kingdom goes to war, sisters Eibhlin, Brianna and Cassidy are sent down paths that will change their lives forever.  Eibhlin's path is split between her drive to fight in the war and her growing desire to have children.  Brianna's perfect path spirals out of her control after she is attacked by a handsome suitor.  Cassidy's desired path to study maps and battles is blocked just because she is a girl.  The sisters of Inishford could be the key to rescuing their brother and stopping the war -- if they can find their way first."  

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